Three academic journals are published under the auspices of the Institute: “Misphatim”, the main publication of the Faculty, edited by its students; “Hukim”, a journal focusing on legislative proposals and commentaries; and “Israel Criminology”, the journal of the Israeli Association of Criminology.  The Institute is also charged with the Jerusalem Revie of Legal Studies which is published in conjunction with Oxford University Press.


Mishpatim, the Hebrew University Law Review

Mishpatim, the Hebrew University Law Review, is the Law School’s flagship journal and the Israel’s leading publication of its kind.  The first academic law review in Israel, Mishpatim was established by former faculty member and retired president of the Supreme Court Prof. Aharon Barak in 1968. 

Mishpatim is the only solely student-administered law review in Israel. All articles undergo a thorough peer-review process as well as a meticulous  editorial review.  

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Mishpatim Website (hebrew)


Hukim – Journal on Legislation

Hukim is a ournal published (in Hebrew) by the Faculty of Law of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, dedicated to commentaries on existing or proposed legislation. The goal of the journal is to enrich and promote the academic discourse on these issues, and to strengthen the relationship between theoretical academic approaches to law and their practical application through legislative.

Hukim Website


The Israeli Criminology Journal

The Israel Criminology is a forum for Israeli researchers to publish articles on topics related to criminology, such as: crime, social deviance; law enforcement; victims and victimology; society's reactions to crime; punishment methodology and treatment of criminal offenders, and related issues of social policy. 


Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies

Jerusalem Review of Legal Studies, published by Oxford University Press in association with the Faculty of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is a law journal dedicated to in-depth discussions of important studies of and in law. Each issue consists of several symposia on a book or a research project, which entail critical comments by commentators and a response by the person whose research project it is. The editors of the journal are Prof. Alon Harel and Prof. Eyal Zamir.  Previous editors are Prof. David Enoch (founding editor) and Prof. Ori Herstein. 

Link to journal’s page at Oxford University Press.