The Institute has published hundreds of books and monographs, written mainly in Hebrew, by leading Israeli scholars in all areas of law. We continue to publish books on an ongoing basis, based on a peer-review process that ensures the highest academic level.


Books from recent years

  • Applied statistics for social science and law  by David Weisburd. Roni Factor (with Chester Britt( (2021).
  • Theory and ractice of criminal law : an introduction and the actus reus by Itzhak Kugler ((2020.
  • Ruth Lapidoth book, edited by Yuval Shani & Hilly Moodrick Even-Khen ((2020.
  • Foundations of the scholarly method in the "Minhat Hinnukh"  by Michal Tikochinsky. (2020).
  • Public-civil law enforcement : state tort claims for harm to public interests  by Tamar Calahorra (2019).
  • Remedy of enforced performance, by Leon Yehuda Anidjar  (2019).
  • Libel Law, 2 nd edition, by Kalid Ghanayim, Mordechai Kremnitzer and Boaz Shnoor (2019).
  • Studies in Law and Halakhah: Menachem Elon Memorial Volume, edited by Arye Edrei, David Gliksberg, Aviad Hacohen, Berachyahu Lifshitz and Benjamin Porat (2018).
  • The Executive in Israel Commentary on Basic Law: The  Government, Vol. 1, by Shimon Sherteet (2018).
  • Intermediaries' Liability for Speech Torts: Social Context, Law and Technologhy, by Michal Lavi (2018).
  • Edmond Levi book, Editor - Ohad Gordon, Editorial Board - Esther Hayut, Yitzhak Amit and Elyakim Rubinstein (2017).
  • Cumulative Innovation in Patent Law, by Ofer Tur-Sinai  (2017).
  • Constitutional right to compensation / Ronen Polliack (2017).
  • Human Rights Law in Israel, by Barak Medina  (2017). 
  • Law and Ideology in Supreme Court Decision-Making: Israel in Comparative Perspective, by Keren Weinshall-Margel (2016).
  • Steve Adler Book, edited by Itzhak Eliasof, Nili Arad, Elisheva Barak-Ussoskin, Guy Davidov, Sigal Davidov-Motola, Asher Heled and Guy Mundlak (2016).
  • LGBTQ Rights in Israel: Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation and the Law, edited by Einav H. MorgensternYaniv Lushinsky and Alon Harel (2016).
  • International Law, edited by Robbie Sabel and Yael Ronen (2016).
  • The War on Terrorism from the International Law Perspective, by Gil Limon (2016).
  • Basic Law: The Lands of Israel, by Haim Sandberg (as part of the series: Commentary on the Basic Laws, Yitzchak Zamir ed (2016).
  • The Civil Procedure, by Issachar Rosen-Zv (2015).
  • Lapidoth Book, edited by David Gliksberg (2015).
  • Mishael Cheshin – Lonely Cavalier in The Wilderness of Statute and Law, edited & compiled by Aviad Hacohen (2015).
  • Choice of Law in Matters of Marriage and Divorce in the Light of Changes in Substantive Law, by Sharon Shakargy (2012).

Books published by the Sacher Institute (Hebrew)


Book orders

Book orders can be placed on the "Nevo" website or directly through the Sacher Institute using the following form. Prior to ordering directly from the Sacher Institute please make sure to contact us to check whether we have the book on stock.


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Manuscript Submission

Decisions over acceptance of publications are made to the Institutes’ editorial board.  Moreover, promising manuscripts are normally subjected to rigorous academic peer-review oriented towards ascertaining the quality of the work’s academic contribution 

Manuscripts along with a covering letter must be submitted via email to Ms. Revital Bahat (